All Ladies Do It

All Ladies Do It (1992)

All Ladies Do It
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Diana is a Roman wife happily married to sympathetic Paolo but she is keen on playing benign games of seduction with other men while resisting the advances of chic lingerie shop owner Silvio and she narrates her adventures to Paolo in order to stimulate their otherwise monotonous sexual life. However, under the influence of her lesbian friend Antonietta and raunchy sister Nadia, Diana starts to move the ongoings further while Paolo is still prone to believing that events narrated by her are merely fantasies. Nevertheless, when the French Sadean antiques dealer Donatien Alphonse leaves marks on her body, Paolo understands that Diana is cheating on him and throws her out of the house.

Original Title:Così fan tutte
Release Date:February 21, 1992
MPAA Rating:VM18
Genres:Comedy, Drama
Production Company:Faso Film
Production Countries:Italy
Director:Tinto Brass
Writers:, ,
Casts:, , , , , , , , , , , ,
Plot Keywords:male nudity, female nudity, pornography, sex, adultery, italian, wife husband relationship, infidelity, shower, ecstasy, feminism, nudity, rave, underwear, massage, fondling, fellatio, foot, controversy, pubic hair, priest, breast, penetration, inheritance, sexual attraction, female protagonist, cheating wife, unfaithfulness, public sex, cross dressing, undressing, lust, drug, vagina, extramarital affair, transsexual, sexual desire, softcore, trophy wife, explicit sex, stockings, flirting, red dress, sexual pleasure, exhibitionist
  • All Ladies Do It
    November 14, 2008
    All Ladies Do It (1992)
    ** (out of 4)
    Italian erotic film from the director of Caligula tells the story of Diana (Claudia Koll), a woman happily married to her husband (Paolo Lanza) for five years. Even though she loves him more than anything that doesn't take away her sexual desires for other men. The husband can't stand not being the only one but perhaps after time he'll learn that "all ladies do it". This is only my second film from Brass and his visual style is certainly on full display here even though his story telling skills aren't the greatest. I was shocked at how well the screenplay actually was because a lot of softcore efforts place the story second behind the sex but that really wasn't the case here. The message of a woman having the right to be "sexual" without being labeled "sluts" was taken very serious by the film. Brass does a very good job with the look of the film with some great cinematography and some wonderful set designs. The biggest issue I had with his direction is that the entire film comes off as a butt fetish video as Brass is constantly zooming in on women's behinds. I like a good butt as much as the next person but after a while it grows quite tiresome but the scene where the women decide to go skinny dipping is priceless. The performances aren't really anything special but they do the job and in the end God knows there's a lot worse out there than this.