Barbed Wire Dolls

Barbed Wire Dolls (1976)

Barbed Wire Dolls
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After killing her father who had attempted to rape her, Maria da Guerra is sentenced to prison for life. The wardress is a sadistic lesbian without mercy or humanity. Upon her arrival Maria is taken to a special section for mentally disturbed prisoners where torture and rape are part of the day-to-day reality. One day the Regional Governor arrives, claiming to have received a letter from one of the prisoners describing incredible events in the prison. The writer of the letter was clearly unaware that the Governor is also part of the conspiracy. Carlos Costa, a male nurse pretending to be the prison doctor Moore, falls in love with Maria. After seducing him, Maria kills him with a pair of scissors and escapes with her friends Bertha and the disturbed Rosario, hoping to find safety in the Governor's house, unaware that he will not help them...

Original Title:Frauengefängnis
Release Date:April 22, 1976
Genres:Crime, Drama, Horror
Production Company:Elite Film
Production Countries:Switzerland
Director:Jesús Franco
Casts:, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Plot Keywords:female nudity, terror, prison, rape, sex, bondage, island, sadism, electric shock, women's prison, prison warden, dominatrix, escape from prison, death of father, lesbian, female protagonist, sexual violence, wrongful imprisonment, torture, domination, violence, lesbianism, masturbation, humiliation, warden, lesbian sex, death, softcore, female masturbation, women in prison, island prison, erotic 70s, pretend slow motion, w.i.p
  • Sexploitation at its sleaziest!
    September 26, 2004
    "Barbed Wire Dolls" has to be one of the sleaziest Women in Prison epics ever created.This is Franco's first film for Swiss producer Erwin C.Dietrich and it offers tons of nudity and sleaze.A beautiful Maria(Lina Romay)is imprisoned in a penitentiary run by a cruel lesbian warden(Monica Swinn).She is accused of murdering her father(played by Jesus Franco himself)but the wardress actually did the deed.Once in prison,Maria is tortured by being tied nude to metal bed-frame which is hooked up to electrical current."Barbed Wire Dolls" is as sleazy as they get.The film features incredible amount of sleaze including whippings,masturbation with a cigarette,lesbian sex scenes,rape and a close up of one of the inmate's private parts being penetrated by a guard's fingers.The acting is actually not bad and the film is never boring.So if you're a fan of European exploitation give this dirty classic a look.9 out of 10.