Caged Women

Caged Women (1980)

Caged Women
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A bunch of delinquent women are shipped to an island prison run by the sadistic warden Carla. Forced into situations of sexual perversion and violence and torture, the prisoners band together to try to overthrow Carla and escape the island.

Original Title:Gefangene Frauen
Release Date:March 28, 1980
Genres:Action, Drama, Adventure
Production Company:Elite Film
Production Countries:Switzerland
Director:Erwin C. Dietrich
Casts:, , , ,
Plot Keywords:female nudity, corruption, sex, brothel, nudity, women's prison, pubic hair, escape from prison, nipples, gang rape, lesbianism, lesbian sex, vulva, military dictator, labia, nude fight, erotic movie, island prison
  • Magnificent addition ot the genre
    December 17, 2008
    Clearly in the top 3 of all WIP flicks, my main addiction to this 80 minutes of celluoid is born of seeing Brigitte Lahaie and a bevy of other beauties parading around naked in bright daylight. "Gefangene Frauen" (Caged Women) is one of Dietrich's finest softcore achievements. He has taken the WIP genre and added a twist of his own.
    The girls are kidnapped from a brothel and taken to an island prison. There they undertake a modest degree of insubordinate behaviour which triggers obligatory punishment. This consists of having to strip and walk around naked in the prison for the rest of the film. And what can you say against that? What with nude wrestling, nude whipping and a nude escape project, it's all a go-go.
    Sure the acting is weak and the plot rattles, but that is not what we are here for. It delivers what it says on the tin. Big time.