City of Sin

City of Sin (2016)

City of Sin
5.7/10 by 3 users

A hardened detective lays low in a darkened downtown Los Angeles hotel room, biding his time as he patiently awaits a gang of vengeful hitmen that are on his tail. Throughout the course of this one fateful night the detective becomes entangled in a web of girls, guns, and money, as he enlists the help of the many intriguing hotel guests that he encounters in an effort to evade the grave fate that lies in store.

Release Date:December 13, 2016
Genres:Thriller, Crime, Drama
Director:Sebastian Gutierrez
Casts:, , , ,
  • Is danny devito broke?
    December 17, 2016
    This was a god awful endless snooze.
    It starts out with Danny talking bout his life as shower door salesman,and how one good looking women came on to him once. Fron there it's just a bumpy downhill ride,with endless monologues and dialogues that never really manged to lift the movie,nor keep you awake.
    It tries to be this really clever film noir,but you are neither entertained by nor interested in any of the characters nor their faith. You just want it to end.
    I have never given Malin ackerman all that much thought as anything else than eye candy,so far she hasn't disappointed me yet.Her and Carla Gugino mostly work as eye candy and some lame sort of femme fatale, to draw people to the movie by name association .
    In short stay away from this