Come Together

Come Together (2016)

Come Together
7.7/10 by 29 users

A train is delayed on Christmas day due to a storm, causing the passengers to have their own celebration.

Release Date:November 27, 2016
Genres:Family, Drama, Comedy
Director:Wes Anderson
Plot Keywords:holiday, commercial, christmas, short
  • Christmas is Here! (In the Style of Wes Anderson)
    November 30, 2016
    ABOUT: Just around the holidays, a conductor regrettably informs the passengers aboard the train that, due to weather and mechanical difficulties, they will be delayed for a couple more hours. Meanwhile, the conductor and his crew prepare something special for the passengers.
    REVIEW: "Come Together" is a Christmas-themed advertisement/ short film written and directed by Wes Anderson for H & M. While running just under 4 minutes, this mini movie is very much eye-catching every second. I was delighted with how simple the story is yet it delivers so well. It is very brief yet very clear with what it's trying to tell, its like a Christmas vignette of a scenario with an effective and touching message. I felt all gooey and and warm inside, like a kid by the time it ended which is a plus for me.
    It's also a treat to see Wes Anderson back in the scene even if it's just for a short film. His distinctive style (humor and technical), is all over and is well in place as always. Actually, how the movie looks is very reminiscent of "The Darjeeling Limited" (a previous feature film by Wes Anderson which also stars Adrien Brody) specifically with the train scenes.
    FINAL WORD: "Come Together", succeeds as an advertisement/ short film. It's very concise, very well made, and quite memorable. Wes Anderson's signature is a welcome sight and he is possibly teasing us for his upcoming project which he is currently filming. This short film is also timely, as the Christmas season is upon us. It's definitely a great watch and a must for those who like the works of Wes Anderson. Try it.