Criticsized (2016)

5.7/10 by 3 users

A serial killer taunts police while increasing the body count on live streaming tv..

Release Date:December 13, 2016
Production Countries:United States of America
  • Not bad!
    January 16, 2017
    As I was watching this, it had the film school feel, yet it worked for me. Callum Blue and Kerr Smith were perfect! Not to many films like this work for me, yet again, this did! There were a few scenes that were a little hokey, like when Steve gets shot, and the foot chase scene was kind of off. I would love this if it had a huge budget but for what it had it was good! Yes the plot was done before but it was done well! Movies like this are a dime a dozen, however, it kept me to the end. The ending suggests a sequel and I hope there is one. I am the kind of person that does not expect much from an random film such as this but again I enjoyed it! Well done again!