Cyborg 009: Call of Justice 1

Cyborg 009: Call of Justice 1 (2016)

Cyborg 009: Call of Justice 1
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The story will depict Joe Shimamura and the other cyborgs' struggle with the Bresudo, a group of people who possess superhuman powers and intellect, and have manipulated human history since ancient times. Their goals are unknown, and they cast a dark shadow over the world. Though few people believe in the Bresdo's existence, one American journalist named Lucie Davenport heads to Texas to contact a certain family, and she meets the cyborgs. The cyborgs themselves have been freed from their duty of protecting humanity ever since the establishment of the UN Guardian troops, and they now live quiet lives of peace.

Original Title:CYBORG009 CALL OF JUSTICE 1
Release Date:November 25, 2016
Director:Kenji Kamiyama
Plot Keywords:anime
  • Great Anime Show! Need More!!
    February 14, 2017
    If you're a fan of Anime, and Fantasy. As i am, then you will enjoy this show. It is on Netflix, in English! Which is even cooler. As someone who likes Anime but isn't into the Supernatural dark spirit side of it. By that i mean, Ghosts, Spirits, Witchcraft. Or all that stuff, i prefer. Superhero's or Cyborgs and powers. Not the dark stuff. This is perfect. It has an adult element, meaning their is language. So not children material. But adults or whatever. The art work is exceptional, and so is the story. The art they use for showing the powers in work is AMAZING! I love the detail, and was astounded by it. I find this show a breath of fresh air. The perfect mix of Anime and story. And in English, is a another home run. I'm always looking for good Anime, that doesn't go to far. So they did this perfectly. I'm impressed and ready and waiting for season two, and hoping for more episodes. The characters are good and keep to their original powers. And hope for further astonishment by the art work they do and the perfect mix of power they have with it.