Dead 7

Dead 7 (2016)

Dead 7
3.9/10 by 12 users

A ragtag group of gunslingers try to make their way in a post-apocalyptic world. The twist to this world is that it’s just not barren and dangerous, it’s also filled with flesh-eating zombies. The gunslingers will find themselves stranded in a town and forced to make a choice on either to save the citizens of the town or save themselves.

Release Date:April 1, 2016
Genres:Horror, TV Movie, Western
Production Company:The Asylum, Kaotic Productions
Production Countries:United States of America
Director:Danny Roew
Casts:, , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Plot Keywords:bank, brain, dystopia, hybrid, undead, gang, blood, apocalypse, town, bandit, death, colt, wild west, dead, zombie apocalypse, mockbuster, syfy
  • pretty bad even for a B-Movie
    April 19, 2016
    disclaimer: gave up about 15 minutes in
    What I watched of this movie was just bad movie-making.
    Maybe it's supposed to be a caricature of spaghetti westerns and/or zombie movies.
    The director apparently never heard of "show, don't tell" as a storytelling technique. The opening sequence is just awful - over acted, over-explained, over-graded.
    The next 2 sequences look like they were shot on a handycam and not graded at all ... there's no cinematic feel to any of the shots
    I gave up at that point. Maybe if I'd waited a few more minuted I'd have found someone in the story to become invested in... but I wasn't prepared to waste anymore time on it...
    Your Mileage May Vary