Death of a Vegas Showgirl

Death of a Vegas Showgirl (2016)

Death of a Vegas Showgirl
3.8/10 by 3 users

Two talented dancers become swept going on in a tumultuous association that spirals into compulsion.

Release Date:November 27, 2016
Genres:Drama, Crime
Production Company:Nantucket Productions, Howard Braunstein Films, Laurie Drive Productions
Production Countries:United States of America
Director:Penelope Buitenhuis
Casts:, , , , , , , , , , , , ,
  • Roselyn Sanchez acts and dances well
    December 10, 2016
    This is a well made and well written true life murder movie based on as the title states, the death of a Vegas dancer.
    Roselyn Sanchez displays her talent as a dancer with some very professional looking sequences. Quite amazing for an actress who is over 40 - she is in great shape. She is a moving and convincing actress showing a lot of zest in the beginning and anguish during her troubled times. The actor who played her lover wasn't well cast. He didn't look hot enough to be so obsessed over. And his acting was a bit laid back.
    This movie shows some of the sacrifice and hard work behind many of the talented dancers trying to make their way. The victim is a sympathetic character even though you wonder why a pretty talented woman would care so much for an abusive cheater.
    Worth watching.