Desolasi (2016)

Aiman, who deals with never-ending problems starts to wonder the judgment given by God which brings him to stuck in another dimension leading him being fully alone until he starts meeting a mysterious woman named Maya.

Release Date:December 8, 2016
Genres:Science Fiction, Thriller
Production Company:Skop Productions Sdn. Bhd.
Production Countries:Malaysia
Director:Syafiq Yusof
Casts:, , , ,
  • A simple film but full of lessons
    December 12, 2016
    Desolation movies are among the films that I am interested, because of the special effects or CGI. Well, the film is 2/3 of it using CGI. Big claps to Syafiq Yusof. CGI in this film really bad-ass. While many are comparing this film to film outside, I can taste our CGI increased. CGI part I liked most in this film, part KL empty. Nobody there.
    For me this film is quite direct, where appropriate for the audience that does not want to think and wait to be fed. Because this film does not leave the question hanging issues to think about. They all answered in this film. Among the questions that could stick in my head;
    "Why are leaves green?" The question raised by Aiman (played Syamsul Yusof) when in schools.
    "Dad, why did God not give everyone living happy, everyone rich?" Aiman questions to his father (played Jalaluddin Hassan) as a child.
    These questions may be asked or been asked. In this film depicts these questions can not be answered by those who are more mature and struck with a cane the boy asked. Here we can see how those who ate more salt can not lose his ego because there are no answers to rebuke the questioner.
    In this film, I got two big issues tried to show in this film. First, 'Anton Babinski syndrome'. Information about Anton Babinski syndrome came to me through Desolation. Second, the 'problem'. Being only human like questioning. In this film, Aiman always questioned about the difficulties in its path.
    Aiman's character built enough to bring him to the desolation. For me, the character bit ripped off. Aiman as a symbol for us all, think will be the outcome of the tests that came. I have heard of 'how bad you are, do not left the prayers'. That's the quote that comes to me when watching this film.
    Desolation film can be categorized religion film. Aiman always in distress, though he care of her sick mother. Looks like he made goodness, but I see that he take care of his mother without sincerity. After that, he was rude with his father because of his hatred since childhood. Every time his father asked, "Did you done your prayer or not?", Aiman will avoid to answer the question. From there, we can know that the message this film want to conveyed.
    For example, half of the building, between Aiman with Zahid (played Pekin Ibrahim). Zahid told that clutter passed by Aiman is a test, but responses Aiman, "You do not have to tell me, everyone out there knows that!". This scene made me think about the 'alter ego'.
    In addition, the dialogue Aiman with Maya (played Bella Dally) very interesting. When Aiman fun to be in desolation, He had a fight with Maya because Maya wants to get out from realm of imagination that is contrary to the nature of imagination Aiman who think that is heaven.
    Aiman questioned, "What is the evidence that we are not in heaven?".
    Maya replied, "If this is heaven, this conflict will not happen!".
    Then, Aiman questioned again about Maya's situation, "You're 10 years old stuck down here, why do you still pray prayers while you're not granted"
    Maya lashed, "We are praying for something or because God is worthy of worship?"
    Finally, this film is a great impact. The lesson are appropriate for all levels of society to watched. Sometimes we used to complain of hardships. It makes us forget that we are being tested.
    There is one paragraph is really interesting to digest. "Formerly, when I was able to see, I do not see the meaning of life is. Now, God blinded my eyes for me to see what I didn't saw when I was not blind."
    In terms of character, there is little part that I got interrupted. That part of Aiman get blind. For me, doing blind character quite difficult. Eyes of the blind can be opened some eyes or saw white eye only or closed. But, the choice made in this blind of Aiman's eyes is open. Blind eyes open, I think, eye pupil should focus at one point only. I mean, stay motionless. However, Aiman's blind eye in this film, do not make me believe because a bit wild. Zahid's character also, when he sat on the bench with Aiman, I saw him a bit off- character because of suddenly his disability gone while sitting. The father character, rather mumbling in the car with Zahid after make a police report.
    Anyway congratulations to all parties that involved to succeed this film Desolation. Another movie take on my own charts. Not wasting the money that I pay to watch. I give this movie a whole 8/10. There is more that can be improved.