Dikkenek (2006)

7/10 by 119 users

Jean-Claude is a loud-mouthed, know-it-all and full time boor who is best friends with Stef, a self-styled lady killer who would do better with the fairer sex if he could work up the ambition to wake up in the morning. Stef has decided that he may need some help in finding the woman of his dreams, and embracing loyalty rather than logic he turns to Jean-Claude for advice.

Release Date:June 21, 2006
Production Company:Avalanche Productions, EuropaCorp, Seven Productions
Production Countries:Belgium, France
Director:Olivier Van Hoofstadt
Casts:, , , , , , , ,
Plot Keywords:male friendship, best friend, childhood friends
  • Reality is more extreme
    March 13, 2017
    An entertaining colourful caricature of the real Brussels (quickly disappearing in the new world deluge of EU yuppies and hipsters.) Overall enjoyable, and at times well observed and surreal (as any film about Brussels should be.)
    The only issue with this film is that it is too plastic. The writer/director reveals his limitations in a number of sequences displaying a lack of a deeper intimacy of the Bruxellois. (Poelvoorde, Belvaux & Bonzel were much closer to the mark).
    Damiens is an absolute natural in his character as is the excellent Mourade Zeguendi. Putting their names on this to boost sales, Marion Cotillard fills her shoes well, but the usually entertaining Dominique Pinon seems like he's not sure what he's meant to be doing and therefore a little out of place. (Much like the presence of Vedett beer in real cafes and the general Moortgaat brewery advertising.)
    The scenes in the disco, cinema and cafe are particularly enjoyable and Damiens' mother's montcharge/stairlift is a classic.