Duck the Halls: A Mickey Mouse Christmas Special

Duck the Halls: A Mickey Mouse Christmas Special (2016)

Duck the Halls: A Mickey Mouse Christmas Special
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Mickey Mouse and his pals are getting ready to celebrate the holidays in a style all their own this year. In a brand new, extended-length Mickey Mouse cartoon that premieres tonight on Disney Channel, Donald Duck decides to stay home and enjoy a winter wonderland Christmas instead of migrating South with all the other ducks for the winter. Join Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto and special guest stars Scrooge McDuck, Professor Ludwig Von Drake, Donald’s nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie and, of course, Santa Claus in this brand new holiday special that is sure to become a classic.

Release Date:December 9, 2016
MPAA Rating:G
Genres:Animation, Comedy
Director:Alonzo Ramirez Ramos, Dave Wasson
Writers:, ,
Casts:, , , ,
  • Awesome Christmas Special
    March 25, 2017
    Disney has resurrected the Mickey Mouse Cartoon franchise with this series. I really enjoy the animation style, it has a retro look to it, but with a sharp modern twist to it. The character are wonderful and true to Disney Universe. The voice actors did a terrific job on this series, keeping true to the original characters. My only complaint about this series is the episode length. They are all very short and under five minutes, the only exception being the Christmas special.
    The Christmas special is something else, it hits the heart in all the right places. It has a nice message behind it with a wonderfully comedic story to follow. I'm not sure what the other reviewer was talking about, if you check the rest of his reviews he just rates everything a 1, so please don't listen to him. Give this episode and this series a chance, it's really something special.