Genesis (2004)

5.9/10 by 9 users

An African narrator tells the story of earth history, the birth of the universe and evolution of life. Beautiful imagery makes this movie documentary complete.

Release Date:September 26, 2004
Production Countries:France, Italy, Ecuador, Iceland, Madagascar
Director:Claude Nuridsany, Marie Pérennou
Plot Keywords:animal species, natural history, biology, shaman, evolution, science, natural selection, woman director, life
  • A vivid reflection on the cycle of life.
    January 16, 2005
    This is a beautifully conceived, artistic myth about origin and cycle of life as told by an African storyteller in beautifully enunciated French (English subtitles). His myth is illustrated with nature photography that is both appropriate for the particular thought and, simultaneously, of great beauty. Over six years of patient work assembled this material by the co-directors who are also professional biologists. As a consequence, their myth rests solidly in modern science. Their venues range from Iceland (the opening shots) to Madagascar (for the brilliantly colored shots of marine life). This wonderfully conceived film is underpinned by an original score which complements the photography and is wonderfully innovative. I hope a video becomes available.