Genesis (2004)

5.9/10 by 8 users

An African narrator tells the story of earth history, the birth of the universe and evolution of life. Beautiful imagery makes this movie documentary complete.

Release Date:September 26, 2004
Production Countries:France, Italy, Ecuador, Iceland, Madagascar
Director:Claude Nuridsany, Marie Pérennou
Plot Keywords:animal species, natural history, biology, shaman, evolution, science, natural selection, woman director, life
  • A small, simple and beautiful film
    October 23, 2004
    This movie is a quiet and meditative work of art. At first I thought it would be something like a school movie about evolution, but it turned out as a work of plainly contemplative (at some points almost voyeuristique) piece of art. The movie will disappoint people who expect a plot line. It comes rather along like a slideshow, intriguingly framed by Bruno Coulais' experimental soundtrack (which, however, gets out of hand at the end). Beautiful colourful macro pictures. The movie's best actor, the mudskipper, almost gives you the impression that you are being watched by the movie. A joyful avantgarde experience. For those who enjoy little offstream movies.