Han Solo: A Smuggler's Trade - A Star Wars Fan Film

Han Solo: A Smuggler's Trade - A Star Wars Fan Film (2016)

Han Solo: A Smuggler's Trade - A Star Wars Fan Film
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in this Star Wars fan film, the Galaxy's favourite smuggler sets out on a epic quest to rescue an old friend. He uses his mechanical skills,his cunning wit,and his creative interpretation of the rules to fight,flirt,bribe and barter his way to victory. But will it be enough? Before there was a New Hope,there was Han Solo - just an outlaw trying to survive in a galaxy more corrupt than he is...and far less forgiving.

Release Date:December 11, 2016
MPAA Rating:G
Genres:Adventure, Science Fiction
Production Countries:United States of America
Director:Keith Allen
Writers:, , ,
Casts:, , , , , , ,
Plot Keywords:star wars fan film, han solo, chewbacca
  • I usually don't rate fan films, but this was excellent.
    January 4, 2017
    Typically when it comes to fan creations, there's not enough to warrant making a stink about them as the constraints tend to make them not particularly notable. Once in a while something special comes along that captures the tone and feel of the source material that it should be mentioned. This is one of them...
    While, yes, this does suffer from budget constraints and actors who aren't exactly seasoned but they all hit it pretty dead on. I imagine if you gave these people a solid budget, they could do wonders for a real Han Solo movie. This short itself is a fantastic starting point for what could have been a full film. Aside from the obvious wonkiness of trying to get used to someone else playing Solo, Jamie Costa fits the bill pretty darn close...all things considered. Chewy was on point, and outside of the Dash Rendar costume all of the wardrobe looked great.
    Everything else was just about right where it needed to be: The plot was fun and charming, the tone and look of everything felt distinctly Star Wars, and Han's dialogue was very fitting. If only somehow we had a Harrison Ford time machine (or Anthony Ingruber) to slap the real Han into this film, then we'd be ready for takeoff.
    It's wort all 13 minute of runtime on Youtube, so check it out.