Heaven Sent

Heaven Sent (2016)

As Christmas approaches, the end is near for Billy and Marie's marriage until an eight-year-old runaway angel from heaven takes it upon herself to rekindle the love they once shared.

Release Date:December 3, 2016
Genres:Romance, Drama
Production Company:Cantina Filmworks
Production Countries:United States of America
Director:Michael Landon, Jr.
Casts:, , , ,
  • On the verge of divorce or enjoy sentimental family films? This one is "Heaven Sent"!
    December 17, 2016
    This film is surprising for the acting talent displayed. The three lead characters as well as the two supporting male characters are clearly talented. Mallory reminds me of the fun of watching Shirley Temple. No singing involved, but she is genuine and brings the same childlike glee to her acting. Christian Kane does very well as a rough edged creative type whose game has lost some of its polish over the years. Marley Shelton is great at acting both hot and cold in her relationships, a struggle for many modern business women. I liked her character more and more throughout the film, and her heart is the true focus of the film. Ernie Hudson was pitch perfect in his delivery, even though his role was relatively small . Sean Miller is decent, although the role written for him was somewhat two- dimensional and definitely predictable.
    Yes, the script is formulaic. Classic conflicts arise. You may even guess some of the twists in the plot. But the movie gives you the sense that it needs to be watched. Hopefully it will give some couples new hope and help them to avoid the devastation of divorce if they pay attention to the film's lessons. If not, they'll find out the hard way, which we see demonstrated within the film. But the movie will serve as good medicine for those who will hear the message and bring more happiness to them and their children. Change like that would truly be "Heaven Sent."