Hiroshima (2005)

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The documentary recounts the world's first nuclear attack and examines the alarming repercussions. Covering a three-week period from the Trinity test to the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, the program chronicles America's political gamble and the planning for the momentous event. Archival film, dramatizations, and special effects feature what occurred aboard the Enola Gay (the aircraft that dropped the bomb) and inside the exploding bomb.

Release Date:August 5, 2005
Genres:Documentary, Drama
Production Company:British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Production Countries:United Kingdom
Director:Paul Wilmshurst, Weronika Migon
Casts:, , ,
Plot Keywords:japan, radiation, atomic bomb, world war ii, hiroshima, history, radioactive, seppuku, death, reenactment, burn victim, mushroom cloud
  • Did the Japanese have Compassion?
    October 18, 2009
    There was a comment in this film about the compassion and the Japanese. I realize that many people died in the two blasts and that many died subsequently. In all of my readings I have never seen any instance of Japanese compassion. It is though the nation was born without it. I have viewed the Japanese people of that time as automatons to their Emporer, willing to die but not live. I am slightly older than the use of these two bombs and nothing will convince me that millions of Japanese would have been enlisted to fight any invasion, including school girls. The leaders of Japan seemed to view their citizens as fodder. We can imagine the reaction around the world if Truman had not used these bombs. He would have been castigated. I thought the puny power of these bombs compared to today's H-bombs should have been mentioned. Now the circle of death reaches out over 20 miles.