Journey Back to Christmas

Journey Back to Christmas (2016)

Journey Back to Christmas
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WWII has ended and Hanna is still grieving over her husband's disappearance. When the Christmas Comet appears for the first time in 70 years, Hanna is caught in a terrible storm and knocked unconscious. When she wakes up, she's in 2016.

Release Date:November 27, 2016
Genres:TV Movie, Drama
Production Company:Crown Media Productions, Christmas Comet Productions
Production Countries:Canada
Director:Mel Damski
Casts:, , , , , , , , , ,
Plot Keywords:world war ii, christmas tree, christmas, christmas songs
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    November 27, 2016
    Our beloved Candace Cameron Bure, thru producing and acting, is surely a very beloved cottage industry of Hallmark Christmas Specials! First poster:Thanks for the review as I did not know that it first took place in 1945 which explains her sweetness, though it shows the timelessness of a American girl's appeal! This is still playing as I write it, so I am not sure how it ends! Candace Cameron Bure herself is usually the only familiar name I see in her films on the channel, but this has Tom Skerritt as well, who you'll remember from many earlier movies. Also to the first reviewer: I was born fifteen years after World War II, and I know (largely through reviewing all those old Warner Brothers, MGM and Disney cartoons!) about those ration cards, which in the Iraq wars (and any others) probably should have been used...(explains how the cartoons from the studios I gave that were Technicolor took two years to make it to the screen). In 1945, by the way, the war (an IMPORTANT topic for both children and older people to know about today at any time!) was almost at an end, so rationing might now have been as much of a deal.It DID look at the start like it started in the 1940s. Candace has always been a veteran of family films, a longtime, pun ahead, HALLMARK, of the 1940s ( Disney), and as a "Generation X" celebrity, by appearing in a slightly 40s set film, with the era's sentiment in 2016, and a large favorite with all generations, truly helps hold this together..still as I write this film is not yet ended...I won't spoil it anymore..You might like this if you loved "The Age of Adaline" from a yar and a half, which had Blake Lively as a WWii (and 1930s) woman still living, though not by time travel, in 2015, as well.