Little Witch Academia

Little Witch Academia (2013)

Little Witch Academia
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Inspired by a magician named Shiny Chariot, the lively Akko Kagari enters the Little Witch Academy with the dream of one day becoming as cool as her idol.

Original Title:リトルウィッチアカデミア
Release Date:March 2, 2013
Genres:Action, Animation, Comedy, Fantasy
Production Company:Trigger
Production Countries:Japan
Director:Yoh Yoshinari
Casts:, , , , , , ,
Plot Keywords:competition, flying, witch, maze, magic, magic broomstick, inspiration, school, girl, dungeon, magical girl, quest, anime, anime mirai, young animator training project
  • Too silly, not very funny but still alright
    April 2, 2016
    This is the first Trigger anime I watched. I heard of it before, but I was worried to watch it because it had a kid protagonist and usually, kid protagonists are bratty, overly silly, precocious and stereotypical. I thought that Akko was going to be one of the annoying characters but she actually wasn't that annoying, and she carried the story well.
    Though, the characters don't bring that much new to the table. Akko is an aloof fourteen-year-old girl who has an attitude, and too childish. Don't be like "Oh, it's for a younger audience. I don't care if it's clichéd!" I'd like something original and not just something we've seen a thousand times before.
    The art was alright, and so was the decent voice acting. The art doesn't deviate too much from other anime.
    Though, due to the anime being so short, it was a little confusing to watch, I think if it had more development instead of being rushed and showing a clichéd ending where all the girls were flying, it would've been more enjoyable.
    All in all, this is a cute story, though people over the age of 10 might find this too silly but isn't unwatchable. Not bad, it's nice to find an anime that showed a lot of tension and conflict. The beginning was awesome, though I think parents might be a little concerned about their small children watching this.
    Rating: 6.7