Looks Like Christmas

Looks Like Christmas (2016)

Looks Like Christmas
6/10 by 4 users

When two type-A single parents battle it out for control of the Christmas holiday at their kid’s middle school, they get more than they bargained for when they learn a little something about the true meaning of Christmas, while opening themselves up for the possibility of a new romance.

Release Date:December 4, 2016
Genres:TV Movie, Romance, Comedy
Production Countries:Canada
Director:Terry Ingram
  • A Christmas Carol - NOT
    December 22, 2016
    This is airing in the UK as A Christmas Carol, though I think Looks Like Christmas sounds better: Maybe the studio are wanting viewers to watch thinking it is a version of Charles Dickens' classic tale.
    This comes nowhere near the classic tale.
    I have always liked Anne Heche, though it looks like she's slumped from the bigger budget movies into B-movie and Sci-Fi series, which is great for them to be able to have a great actress... unfortunately, they just don't use her to her fullest in this picture. The same can be said for Dylan Neal. I've seen them both do much better, maybe their hearts weren't in it, or it could've been the direction they were given, which is more likely.
    The direction is pretty average and keeps the film at a steady pace, though it was a little too slow for me at times.
    The story too is your stable fair for a Christmas Love story with no real twists to keep you engaged.
    One handicap of the writing and direction was Dylan Neals character, Terry, who could be downright rude to Anne Heche (Carol) to the point that I wondered why were these two people destined to be together.
    This is smack on the borderline of recommendation - do I or don't I recommend it? I just don't know.
    If you do choose to watch it and find you're not getting on with it for some reason, turn it off because it doesn't really change much throughout the film.