Murder in the First

Murder in the First (1995)

Murder in the First
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Inspired by a true story. A petty criminal sent to Alcatraz in the 1930s is caught attempting to make an escape. As punishment he is put in solitary confinement. The maximum stay is supposed to be 19 days, but Henri spends years alone, cold and in complete darkness, only to emerge a madman and soon to be a murderer. The story follows a rookie lawyer attempting to prove that Alcatraz was to blame.

Release Date:January 20, 1995
MPAA Rating:R
Genres:Crime, Drama
Production Company:Wolper Organization, Warner Bros.
Production Countries:France, United States of America
Director:Marc Rocco
Casts:, , , , , , , ,
Plot Keywords:prison, prisoner, death row, alcatraz, lawyer, courtroom, murder trial, 1940s, mistreatment, public defender, prisoner abuse
  • Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon--(Maybe even 7 or 8)
    June 6, 2004
    As Wayne would have it---"DENIED!!"
    how this film escaped the attention of Oscar and Globe voters is one of the great Hollywood mysteries of our time...if Bacon ain't Oscar meat here, i don't know what absolutely brilliant performance in the kind of role the voters usually jump all over at ballot time...ya really gotta wonder...
    conspiracy theories aside, this is one helluva flick...besides our pal Kevin, there's outstanding work from Christian Slater, Gary Oldman, and everybody's favorite drill sergeant, Lee Ermey...Moe Greene's kid, Marc Rocco, gets a great period feeling economically...solid work by the wardrobe and make-up units...this film deserved a much better fate at the box office and at awards season in '96...if you haven't seen this one yet, you're missing a real gem...