Partly Cloudy

Partly Cloudy (2009)

Partly Cloudy
7.9/10 by 223 users

Everyone knows that the stork delivers babies, but where do the storks get the babies from? The answer lies up in the stratosphere, where cloud people sculpt babies from clouds and bring them to life. Gus, a lonely and insecure grey cloud, is a master at creating "dangerous" babies. Crocodiles, porcupines, rams and more - Gus's beloved creations are works of art, but more than a handful for his loyal delivery stork partner, Peck. As Gus's creations become more and more rambunctious, Peck's job gets harder and harder. How will Peck manage to handle both his hazardous cargo and his friend's fiery temperament?

Release Date:May 28, 2009
MPAA Rating:G
Genres:Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Family, Fantasy
Production Company:Pixar Animation Studios
Production Countries:United States of America
Director:Peter Sohn
Plot Keywords:american football, baby, cloud, alligator, eel, bone, pixar animated short, helmet, dog, stork, thunder, porcupine, child
  • At first glance it was OK, but it was enjoyable within the first minute.
    June 7, 2009
    At first this short looked like it was going to be decent, but I completely changed my opinion once they show how funny it can get with using a basic "baby delivering storks" element. Throughout the short it shows clouds that create infant humans and animals of all kinds and have the storks deliver them to their new families. One of the storks was trying to find an infant human or animal to deliver, but the cloud he comes to only makes slightly dangerous infant animals. Which makes the stork's job a little harder than the other ones are getting.
    I admit it was a good short, with some surprising good laughs. I don't have the heart to rank it higher than my other favorite Pixar shorts, but doesn't mean I hate it. I would definitely watch it again.