Princess Mononoke

Princess Mononoke (1997)

Princess Mononoke
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Ashitaka, a prince of the disappearing Ainu tribe, is cursed by a demonized boar god and must journey to the west to find a cure. Along the way, he encounters San, a young human woman fighting to protect the forest, and Lady Eboshi, who is trying to destroy it. Ashitaka must find a way to bring balance to this conflict.

Original Title:もののけ姫
Release Date:July 12, 1997
MPAA Rating:14A
Genres:Adventure, Fantasy, Animation
Production Company:Studio Ghibli, Nibariki, Nippon Television Network (NTV)
Production Countries:Japan
Director:Hayao Miyazaki
Casts:, , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Plot Keywords:fight, wolf, village and town, iron, pan, wild boar, territory, friendship, princess, good vs evil
  • A true work of art that takes animation to an entirely new level
    February 1, 2000
    I saw Mononoke Hime on its USA release back in late December 1999 under its U.S. title Princess Mononoke. I had read quite a bit about this film and its director but was still totally overwhelmed by the beauty and brutality of this movie. The complexity of this movie is something never seen in the United States in an animated movie and even exceeds that of most live action movies as well. It combines love and hate, war and romance, nobility and deception in ways rarely seen in movies today. Lines of good and evil are anything but clear cut and in the end is hope but no guarantees, no promises. This is truly an adult movie but my children, ages 12 to 15 all loved it and talked about it for days later. Even my wife who holds a strong prejudice against Japanese animation enjoyed this movie.
    Go and see this movie. You won't be disappointed.