Suddenly Seventeen

Suddenly Seventeen (2016)

Suddenly Seventeen
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When Liang Xia's obsession for a perfect wedding puts a strain in the relationship with her fiancé, he ultimately calls it quits and breaks up with her. In a heartbroken state, Liang Xia carelessly ingests a magical item, which transports the 28-year-old’s mind back to when she was only seventeen years old.

Original Title:28岁未成年
Release Date:December 2, 2016
Genres:Comedy, Romance
Production Company:Le Vision Pictures
Production Countries:China
Director:Mo Zhang
Casts:, , , , , ,
  • An excellent watch!
    February 4, 2017
    I am normally picky about what I watch, because there's just so much out there, I can barely keep up with my obvious interests... so generally a foreign film has to really stand out for me to devote time to watch it. I am very glad I watched this one.
    Immediately upon starting, I was hooked, because I felt for the lead and what she was going through; but when the movie started with the 17yr old parts, I was worried that it was going to turn into more of a movie geared towards teenagers. But it actually isn't.
    Just to be clear, she doesn't actually go back in time, nor does she physically reverse in age, etc. Rather, it's like her 28yr old self gets swapped with her 17yr old self. Most films, when this happens, it's a one time trip, and at the end they go back to wherever they started at. In this film, this is not the case as it swings between the two frequently.
    This film became more serious minded as we watch the struggle she deals with, with the mess that's left behind from each trip. However by the end its really touching and a poignant message about embracing who you are; but also about letting go. It actually makes you think about your own life... what would your 17yr old self say to you now?
    I have to say, it's an amazing movie, and well worth a watch. I highly recommend!