The Bélier Family

The Bélier Family (2014)

The Bélier Family
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The whole Bélier family is deaf, except for sixteen year old Paula who is the important translator in her parents' day to day life especially when it comes to matters concerning the family farm. When her music teacher discovers she has a fantastic singing voice and she gets an opportunity to enter a big Radio France contest the whole family's future is set up for big changes.

Original Title:La Famille Bélier
Release Date:December 17, 2014
MPAA Rating:U
Genres:Comedy, Drama, Music
Production Company:France 2 Cinéma, Mars Films, Nexus Factory, Umedia, Jerico, Vendôme Production, Quarante 12 Films
Production Countries:France
Director:Eric Lartigau
Casts:, , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Plot Keywords:deafness, music, singing, family, sign language
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    July 19, 2015
    The Béliers are a pretty different family. They're deaf and mute. They live in the countryside and they are a loving family with two children. With one caveat: their daughter is their ears and voice.
    As French cinema goes, this film is at its best. The performances, and the whole idea behind the film is so deep and so original, it will make you think twice about life.
    It's pretty difficult for me to restrain on accolades and praise. The writers, the director, the crew and each and every actor on this piece are a team out of the ordinary. I mean, a film like this is what makes film making and story telling worth it. As it happens more often than not, French cinema is on the top list of the best films in the world. Sadly for those who expect lots of action, the French rarely oblige. They go deep into the soul of their characters. This is not a cute film, this is a serious work of art that transcends beliefs, races and countries. I would put it as one of those films not to be missed. Chapeau!