The Cave of the Golden Rose 2

The Cave of the Golden Rose 2 (1992)

The Cave of the Golden Rose 2
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Fantaghiro and Romualdo are preparing their marriage when the Black Queen disgusted by their deep love captures Fantaghiro's father. Romualdo and his soldiers go on their journey to free him. But the insidious Black Queen transforms herself into Fantaghiro, makes Romualdo her slave by kissing him and captures the rest of his army. Fantaghiro follows Romualdo although she promised him to stay home, finds the camp deserted and enters the near castle of the Black Queen. When she asks for a duel to free her people she is very surprised to face Romualdo who has forgot her completely due to the magic of the Black Queen.

Original Title:Fantaghirò 2
Release Date:December 20, 1992
Genres:Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Romance
Production Company:Reteitalia, Silvio Berlusconi Communications
Production Countries:Italy
Director:Lamberto Bava
Casts:, , , ,
Plot Keywords:witch, magic, fairy tale, kingdom, talking animal, sword and sorcery
  • Fantaghiro 1 DVD in English 2007!!!!!!!!!!!!
    May 29, 2007
    Definitely, one of the best fairy tales brought to life in television. Unfortunately, it didn't get the proper ending it deserves. Hopefully, there could be a final Fantaghiro episode with our hero coming back to her world, and her love. Anyways, to those who love fairy tales and love good plots, the first episode is finally coming out on DVD on August 22nd in Italy. It'll be in Italian, but with English subtitles. You will find it in And to those who would like to see a proper ending to this tale of chivalry, loyalty, love and friendship, you should join the world campaign to bring Fantaghiró back for the last time... go to, to sign the list that will be sent to Mediaset, the Italian TV channel that owns the trademark. BEST!!!!!!!