The Rooftop Christmas Tree

The Rooftop Christmas Tree (2016)

The Rooftop Christmas Tree
6/10 by 2 users

A legal team must work together to figure out the mystery behind a rooftop Christmas tree to keep the owner from going to jail for Christmas -- again.

Release Date:November 27, 2016
Genres:TV Movie, Drama
Director:David Winning
  • Nice Movie- Worth Watching- Especially Heartland Fans
    January 12, 2017
    Our family is a big fan of Heartland so we decided to watch it because Michelle Morgan was in the lead. We were not disappointed in her performance or the movie. The movie was much better than the 5.7 rating which would generally keep us from watching.
    The four main characters Sarah (Michelle Morgan), Mr. Landis (Tim Reid- you will recognize him- in his 70's now), John the DA and the judge (you'll recognize him as well), all did a good job. The supporting cast of Sarah's parents and friend were poorly cast and added little. Sarah's mom looked about her age. The dad is supposedly a lawyer turned furniture maker. The scene where he is polishing a table in a barn was not convincing.
    Sarah's first impression (not good) of John was great. Her warm up to him was a bit too soon and not convincing. Too many kissing scenes (probably at least 4). Don't think that was well done. The two did well in tension.
    The story was very simple but they pulled it off fairly well. Great seeing a movie that was actually filmed in the real snow and cold. The movie needed more of the special touches- but it was good and I might watch it again.