The Silenced

The Silenced (2015)

The Silenced
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A sickly girl Ju-ran transfers to a new sanitorium boarding school to regain health. But she discovers that students are disappearing and notices abnormal changes happening to her body. She suspects the school for what's happening and tries to discover what secret is hidden.

Original Title:경성학교: 사라진 소녀들
Release Date:June 18, 2015
MPAA Rating:15세 이상 관람가
Genres:Horror, Thriller, Mystery
Production Company:Lotte Entertainment
Production Countries:South Korea
Director:Lee Hae-young
Casts:, , , , ,
Plot Keywords:korean movie
  • Morally ...
    February 19, 2017
    You can ask yourself many things with this. From morality (to mortality I guess), to group dynamics, to children with bad influences to bullying. Of course it's not that the movie points everything out, or spells everything out. Also for a movie playing mostly inside a building, this is very "far out"! There are some pretty strange things going on and by the end of it you will catch up.
    Of course, the end will split a lot of people. Because while we are aware this is nothing ordinary, what we get to see is way extra ordinary. Is that something the movie can pull off? I'd say more no than yes, but it depends on the viewer. It's well done overall and it can be a pleasant watch, if you let it