The Wailing

The Wailing (2016)

The Wailing
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A stranger arrives in a little village and soon after a mysterious sickness starts spreading. A policeman is drawn into the incident and is forced to solve the mystery in order to save his daughter.

Original Title:곡성
Release Date:May 12, 2016
Genres:Comedy, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery
Production Company:Fox International Productions, Fox Video Korea
Production Countries:South Korea
Director:Na Hong-Jin
Casts:, , , , , ,
Plot Keywords:sex, small town, exorcism, investigation, daughter, police, possession, murder, priest, curse, korea, shaman, zombie, disease, demon, dog, rural, shrine, demonic possession, ghost, gluttony, korean, divination
  • Long, Melodramatic and Messy Ghost Story
    December 14, 2016
    In the small village Goksung in South Korea, police officer Jong-Goo (Do Won Kwak) investigates bizarre murders caused by a mysterious disease. His partner tells a gossip for him that a Japanese stranger (Jun Kunimura) that lives in a secluded house in the mountains would be an evil spirit responsible for the illness. Jong-Goo decides to visit the Japanese with his partner and a young priest that speaks Japanese. They find an altar with a goat head and pictures of the infected people that died on the walls. However they are attacked by the guard dog and they only can leave the place when the stranger arrives. Jong-Goo finds one shoe of his beloved daughter Hyo-jin (Hwan-hee Kim) in the house of the stranger and soon she becomes sick. His mother-in-law summons the shaman Il-gwang (Jung-min Hwang) to save her granddaughter while a mysterious woman tells Jong-Goo that the stranger is the responsible. Who might be the demon that is bringing sickness to Goksung?
    "Goksung" is South Korean horror movie with a long, melodramatic and messy ghost story. Despite the promising and original premise, the screenplay is confused and maybe the translation is not totally correct. Or maybe the situations make sense in accordance with the South Korean culture. The conclusion is confused and it seems that Goksung is under attack of demons that wins the battle. My vote is five.
    Title (Brazil): Not Available