Zandalee (1991)

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Bored with her marriage to burnt out poet turned corporate executive Thierry, Zandalee falls prey to an old friend of her husband, the manipulative and egotistical Johhny and becomes enmeshed in a sensual, passionate and destructive affair.

Release Date:May 9, 1991
MPAA Rating:R
Genres:Drama, Romance, Thriller
Production Company:Electric Pictures
Production Countries:United States of America
Director:Sam Pillsbury, Joe Burns, Patrick Burns, Kellye Serret
Casts:, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Plot Keywords:love triangle, dancing, female nudity, prostitute, rape, sex, adultery, drowning, wife husband relationship, infidelity, boat, new orleans, nudity, passion, louisiana, orgasm, bed, underwear, boat accident, vegetarian, painting, poet, marriage, friendship, jogging, fondling, love, friends, bayou, deception, murder, dysfunctional marriage, independent film, tragedy, breast, character name in title, lingerie, title spoken by character, one word title, sexual attraction, cheating wife, public sex, sexual promiscuity, prostitution, pistol, undressing, lust, electronic music score, tragic event, extramarital affair, sexual desire, mirror, tryst, female masturbation, trophy wife, unwanted kiss, washing machine, clothing store, death of husband, sexual pleasure, manipulative, forename as title, tan line, kissing a married woman, tank top, possible suicide, accidental drowning
  • Let Zandalee whet your whistle for a night
    February 24, 2013
    If you like nudity, I mean if you really, really, like nudity, this is one of the more frank nudist films I've seen. Some of it's nudity is naughty, for all you bird smugglers out there. Popular to belief, this is a bad film. It isn't. It's one of these arty, more unnoticed films, especially on Cage's resume. I've seen this film a lot. If you look past the nudity and appreciative helpings of sex, there is a story, but it's through this three characters in this love triangle, where for one, jealously goes beyond it's limit, another one, sadly in it's finale is a victim of circumstance I guess, while Cage, the other, in the end, is really the loser. He brings another crazy offbeat character that's mystifying in the form of a sleazy nude artist/university dropout/womanizer/part time magician, Johnny Collins. He's now back in the bayou working for his new boss, old school friend/gifted poet Reinhold, particularly good here, who speaks a southern accent, the way he delivers his poetry, he's just great. And so is his wife, Zandalee (Erika Anderson) not acting wise, just beautiful scenery. She doesn't even try to act, which must of been a worry. Joe Pantoliano, who almost trademarks character acting, is great as a cross dresser who works with Zandalee in her boutique. Soon Cage is getting in Anderson's pants, and it's almost as though Reinhold cracked onto this from the start, but you aren't sure, where he makes soft insinuations here and there, some through poetry. That's what I like about it, an incertitude, a scariness too, as what will Reinhold end up doing. Reinhold's a very tortured man of past, who gave the poetry up, as well as his performance in the bedroom, which is why Zandalee is drifting away from him and satisfying her sexual yearning from Cage in some pretty raunchy scenes. The prolonged last act of the film was interesting as that speedboat ride took a more than dangerous turn, but a real tragic one, evolved in the last breathing moments of the film, that was unforeseen, and truly climactic. For sex lovers, this one's sure not to disappoint, but there is more to this film than that, and that's not just in it's story. This is another of Cage's best performances among many. His name defines acting in it's true purpose, to take that character all the way, not be inhibited, something Nick definitely, isn't, in or off camera.